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          A Guide To Online Freebies



I used to be a skeptic about getting online freebies. I would always read

the fine print and think there was no way I could get free stuff, at least

not without a catch. Hesitantly, I decided I wanted to take advantage of

as many online freebies as I could. I like free stuff, after all! Upon trying

many sites, I believe I have found the best ones, which I will share with

you. These sites are tried and true and rest assured you can earn

FREE stuff just for joining! No credit cards are required and NO SPAM

will be sent to your inbox.


 The truth is you won't get rich overnight, but you can earn a nice little

stash if you work these programs. Some are very easy, some take more

work and some are even a little fun. Most will payout with gift cards or

PayPal, and a few will send a check in the mail. I will inform you on

how each program pays so you can decide which is best for you. If you

don't already belong to PayPal or Amazon, you might want to open an

account now. Both sites also offer free sign-up.


 There are a few sites that will pay you to use their search engine, the

driving force behind finding your desired web page. Let me help you

make a few extra bucks.




The number one way to make digital dollars for just doing web searches is to join

Swagbucks. This is an extreme online freebie website, as I will explain..



What is Swagbucks?

is a free-to-join website that rewards its users when they search the internet using Swagbucks' Google and powered search engine. It's that simple; each search can net you swag bucks, like a 10, 20, 50 or even 100! Get 30 swag bucks just for joining; and invite your friends right away because you have the potential to earn 1,000 swag bucks from EVERY referral you get!

What do I do with my Swagbucks?

is currently offering tons of prizes. Some of the favorite online freebies being offered are:

Nintendo Wii
X-Box 360
Playstation 3
video games
music downloads and instruments
comic books
trading cards
vintage collectibles
over 20 different gift cards, including Amazon and iTunes
and even cash! (verified PayPal account required for cash)

Sign up
and then take a look for yourself. The prizes are virtually endless!

Is Swagbucks safe and legit?

Yes. Swagbucks is the most respected website of its kind on the internet - totally free, no catches, and no SPAM. Oh, did I mention NO SPAM?! Best of all, you do searches on the internet anyway, but with Swagbucks, you get paid for doing those searches!

How do I earn Swag bucks?

You can earn swag bucks in many different ways, the easiest being just doing internet searches on their search engine. Every search gives you a chance to win swag bucks. You can also earn swag bucks from shopping online through their site, which is sort of a bonus online freebie.

also likes to reward their fans on facebook and twitter with codes to enter and for tweeting about the site. You can also earn swag bucks for submitting ideas, questions and polls. They have a "Special Offers" area where you can earn loads of swag bucks just by completing offers. Trade in your old cell phone or gaming console/parts and earn some digital bucks while going green. There are so many different ways to earn - join now and then take a look! Become a fan on facebook and the friendly swaggernauts there will be happy to help anyone just starting out.

Online freebies seem to have come a long way, and without a doubt, the one that has come the furthest is Swagbucks. Modern and user-friendly, it gives a whole new meaning to online freebies!.


 We all watch videos online. With Swagbucks TV, you can earn for it. Just click "Watch" in top menu bar of the homepage, then select from a wide variety of different channels - as you watch, your Swag Bucks meter fills up - once it's full, you get 3 Swag Bucks - you can earn up to 150 Swag Bucks each day just from watching videos!If you haven't earned Swag Bucks yet just for watching videos from Hulu, VEVO and more, it's time to get started now. Swagbucks has allowed me to get lots of Amazon gift cards since I joined, and you can do the same!



Search & Win




Amazon shopping

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iRazoo is also a social search engine that rewards you for search results, and they have done some changing for the better. The user recommended web search results are now listed at the bottom of the regular search results for a much more user friendly search experience. Way to go iRazoo! This human powered search method is being attempted by several sites. Here are the basics of how to get online freebies through iRazoo:

Enter a search in the iRazoo search bar - for each search you get a chance to earn points or instantly win a prize such as a $5 Amazon gift card or even a $500 Amazon gift card!
* Once you have amassed enough points, you can redeem them for some great prizes including iPods, Nintendo Wii's, gift cards, digital cameras, and even a full golf set.
* Another way to get points is to refer other people - you get 50 points for every referral - clearly this is the best way to get to your desired prize the fastest. As a bonus to the person you refer they get 50 points as well.

is a self-titled "human powered search engine" that collects the results of the top search engines. To increase the success of their searches, they have their members make recommendations of certain sites. This will ideally help the searcher further refine their results and get to the site they want more quickly. You can earn points randomly from searches and those points can then be traded in for online freebies such as music, cameras, MP3 players, gift cards, etc. Not bad!

In their own words:

is a user recommended, points driven, search engine. Your benefits for using iRazoo: You get excellent search results (we aggregate all the data from the best search engines on the planet!) You get to help further refine our excellent search results for others as well as benefit from others refined search results. You get points randomly when searching, and for each referral you make. Best of all, you get to exchange your points for fantastic prizes!

**New** - Earn points for finding and entering iRazoo Treasure Codes into the MyAccount page. Each iRazoo Treasure code is worth a different amount of points and Treasure Codes are only available at certain times. The Treasure codes can be found on the iRazoo Facebook page, iRazoo Blog, iRazoo Message Board, iRazoo MyAccount page, or iRazoo search results pages. Enter the Treasure Code during the correct time period into the MyAccount page and your points will automatically be updated.








Zoombucks is a new site that has lots of different earning potential. By searching the internet or finishing surveys, you can earn what they call "zbucks", which you will accumulate to get some great stuff. You can also complete offers or click on the "zdaily" to add to your total. It's honestly that easy and it's totally free! Zoombucks now has GAMES, come play!


has many different gift cards, including Amazon, to choose from when you've collected enough zbucks to redeem for a prize.

Join up and tell your friends about it, because you can earn zbucks off of your referrals for life! You'll get 10% of what they get EACH time - no limited referral bonus like most other places. Get in on the action now!





Thank you for stopping by my site. If you find that these offers accommodate your needs, I'm sure my other pages will also quench your thirst for free stuff. There are lots of other online freebies to be found on the Surveys page and the Odds and Ends section. I've even got some sites to visit where you can simply play some fun and challenging games in order to get freebies! The sites I visit are just too good not to share with someone—and you are as entitled as anyone else to get some extra profits at no cost. You're gonna love the benefits of using my site, so be sure to bookmark this page and share it with your friends; it's a win/win!



 Gifthulk Is another way to earn



 Bing Rewards

Earn points daily for just doing searches and redeem your points for free rewards! 


Check out the sites below!








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